Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives
Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives

Curriculum Development & Outsourcing

Learning & Training Outsourcing

Curriculum Management

Curriculum management is a key part of an organisation’s learning strategy. Davis-Brown Education curriculum managers consult and work closely with your subject matter experts to design, develop, and manage your curriculum and content development.  Our curriculum management services provide a needs analysis to design your curriculum, content and vendor management to build your curriculum, instructor resource management to deliver your curriculum, and learning operations and logistics to support ongoing delivery of your curriculum. Our global expertise, lessons learned, best practices, and core focus on training, all combine to ensure the delivery of a highly effective, quality training program.


Our Processes Are Designed To Fit Your Personal & Professional Needs.

Our approach is to develop a bespoke curriculum design provision introducing your curriculum through a pilot stage in order to monitor its effectiveness at each stage of development and for a smooth transition in to your portfolio learning programs. Our repeat course delivery package will also address your organisation’s needs through the creation of product, content materials and resources. We will support you throughout the engagement process. From enrollment to on course evaluation, our curriculum managers will continually monitor your course development in order to improve areas such as marketing and communication plans, improve course awareness and participation and Overall course assessments and the development of bespoke product plans

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Training Outsourcing Solutions

Davis-Brown Education offers training outsourcing services that support the full range of your training organisation’s needs in areas including research and knowledge management, Learning and content management systems, e-learning development, and training business process outsourcing. As a global expert in managed learning services, we understand that every company and training organisation is different, which is why we develop unique solutions based upon your specific needs. Your strategic objectives may enquire assistance with learning operations and logistics or resource management so you can focus on your business goals. Alternatively, you may require the staff or need help making your tuition program internationally world class.

The good news is that no matter the situation we at Davis-Brown will work with you to identify develop processes, gain operational flexibility, and build the ideal learning outsourcing solution to meet your specific needs.


Davis-Brown Education empowers your organisation with the insight and knowledge you need to enhance or introduce enterprise various learning initiatives such as e-learning solutions. Our experience and knowledge helps you evaluate your unique opportunities effectively and identify the best solutions to meet those opportunities. We address your full requirements including future growth strategies, developing possibilities, support and implementation. The result is building the best solutions for your people and processes.


Curriculum Management

Curriculum management is a key part of any developing organisation’s learning strategy. Davis-Brown Education works closely with your subject specialists to design, develop, and manage your curriculum. Davis-Brown Education curriculum management provide services such as needs analysis, curriculum design, content and supplier management to build your curriculum. We will also support the development of your resource management strategies, learning operations and logistics to support, review lessons learnt and focus on core training interventions for ongoing delivery of a highly effective, quality training programs.


Initial Analysis

Methodology and process are critical in any form of analysis and we follow a detailed process methodology to capture your participants needs and requirements. Our competency-based assessment processes uncover the skills, knowledge, and abilities your workforce requires to be successful. Our initial front-end analysis enable us to build a more bespoke training programs and develop courses on a much clearer and informed foundation. Initial analysis and assessment may include areas such as:

  • Performance Improvement Analysis
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Career Review
  • Personal/Professional Development Analytical Review


Training Content Management & Development

Davis-Brown content management service encompasses all aspects of course and content identification, evaluation, and selection.  With 30 years of training experience and expertise, Davis-Brown builds partnerships and relationships in order to allow us to offer a wide spectrum of courses to develop people, empower vision and transform lives. We work closely with subject specialists, both in your organisation and externally with consultants who are specialist in their field, in order to gain an understanding of your overall training requirements and build bespoke product plans and organisational needs analysis frameworks. In support of the content management, we will also source the right training resources such as books, training supplies and products.


Resource management Learning Operations & Logistics

Davis-Brown Education resource management services ranging from managing programs for off-the-shelf courses to individual contractor/consultant instructors internationally.

Our resource management facilities include:

  • Identifying course objectives
  • Structuring course content
  • Assessment & evaluation
  • Oversee facilitators, tutors and trainers
  • Obtaining teaching resources, materials and other training-related materials
  • Coaching & Mentoring interventions


By outsourcing your overall content management to Davis-Brown Education, we deliver a holistic approach

to supplying both cost effective measurable savings and quality management. From planning  and development to implementation and evaluation, you can count on Davis-Brown Education for a proven approach to training content development that is tightly focused on bringing you the highest-value training possible through modes and strategies.


Examples of this includes areas such as:


Instructor-led training

On the job training

Web-based training

Distance Learning

Blended Learning


Coaching & Mentoring


Our focus is ensuring consistent quality and cost-effective training delivery. In order to do this, we utilise our years of training delivery, instructor, and facilitator resource management experiences so that you always have the best support available. Davis-Brown Education resource management provides and designs a range of processes for managing the recruitment, certification, and evaluation of training delivery resources.


Our solution focus methodology is established on a range of processes, tools, and structures designed to ensure

quality from initial request through to execution and closure. This is inclusive of our efficient quality assurance framework, which is embedded into the life cycle of all learning data and logistics management in order to maintain compliance to specific needs and regulatory requirements


Examples include:

  • Data entry
  • Schedule management
  • Instructor Management
  • Facility coordination
  • Course materials printing and distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Training room logistics
  • Course billing and reconciliation
  • Evaluation and reporting


E-Learning Development

We provide end-to-end services, including working diligently with all leading learning technology suppliers and product developers to identify the clear solutions to meet each individual requirement for you. Our services also include paying attention to the concept of design development, learning technology suppliers and product developers in order to identify the best solution for you. Davis-Brown Education looks at every learning initiative which begins with an determined emphasis to develop solution focus materials to train and educate.


We design custom learning content development based on our Design & Style™ framework, which will address developing systems in order to integrate client’s knowledge, contributions and innovation for achievement. With insightful contribution at workforce levels, Davis-Brown Education provides a platform for the development of all your learning materials. The key to the success of our Design & Style™ framework is the development of an inclusive and exhaustive content strategy for each of our customers. We believe in a person centered approach in integrating all your business requirements and goals into the strategy content development.


A Designer Approach To Custom Built Solutions.

The Design & Style™ framework  provides an holistic approach through client amalgamation. Your involvement in the process is crucial to the design and development of your bespoke programs. The Design & Style™ portfolio provides a formula that builds on a relationship that promotes a partnership alliance, inclusive of working with practitioner’s specialist in their fields. Examples of include:

Instructional system designers, storyboard developers, programmers, graphic artists, audio/video technicians, and quality assurance coordinator’s


Effective Blended Learning Solutions.

We believe in customer integration and working in partnership to support the development of your organization using a range of solutions. We also utilise a blended learning approach which are based on your overall objectives and requirements. In order to support this, we will design a bespoke experience that can include: web-based learning, classroom training and CD-ROM’s. 

Training Planning

Content Development Planning


In order to develop training solutions, there are a number of consideration to factor into your decision making process.  An example of this may include, how will training support you with developing skills or knowledge to improve performance? Are skills or knowledge the real problem here or are the issues related to internal behaviours? If you can answer yes to these questions, Davis-Brown consultants can assist you to identify the challenges for either further training interventions or performance coaching strategies with up-front planning, so you can be assured that you are making wise training investment decisions.


Measuring Training Effectiveness on Business Results

Davis-Brown Education has been successfully providing learning solutions to education establishments and companies of all shape and sizes. How do we know we have been successful? Our customers tell us. And so do our measurement solutions, as well as those from unbiased third-party environments on learning effectiveness and performance measurement. Davis-Brown Education is the only company that provides its customers with the ability to gauge training effectiveness as part of its learning solutions.

For Davis-Brown Education, any measurement of training effectiveness must be built around assessment and evaluation

How Assessment Informs Learning Effectiveness

You have to know where you are before you know where you want to go. Davis-Brown Education begins every learning engagement with an initial assessment that helps your company understand:

  • Where are we now?
  • What are we doing well?
  • What’s our business opportunity or issue?
  • Do I have the right people in the right place?
  • What does success look like?

We help you identify any gaps and define your current status. This status becomes our baseline against which we measure learning effectiveness.

How Evaluations Define Training Effectiveness

It is a best practice to constantly review training effectiveness. And every learning solution should include training effectiveness evaluations. These evaluations allow you to answer questions like these:

  • How is the training going?
  • Where do I need to course correct my implementation?
  • Did the training work?
  • Was it worth it?
  • What follow up and reinforcement is required?

This is critical information your company needs to determine if your training is on target and addressing the gaps outlined in your assessment.

How quickly could you start transforming your potential into real success, real rewards and real influence?

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