Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives
Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives

Coaching Innovation & Creativity

Following our dreams, aspiration and doing things that we really want to get done in life can at times seem daunting or simply impossible. We may think that what stops us is lack of opportunity, too many obligations or commitments or practicalities always stop us at the last moment. A life time of responsibilities and routine habits can make it difficult to break out of our familiar comfort zone that  we have become accustom to without even realising it. Coaching helps us to realise that it is not always our busy lifestyles that stops us, it is also ourselves that stops us.


Coaching is designed to help you move forward. We will work on what you present in as real and authentic a way as we can, taking into account whatever obstacles stand between you and your hopes and dreams for yourself.


Coaching is also a way to drive innovation by using and honing your questioning skills, enhancing your listening ability. When you coach for innovation, you encourage a culture of idea generation, maximise creativity and engagement, and generate more options for yourself and others. You can turn ideas into action by putting creativity to work, and develop strategies for transformation, change and innovation.



NLP(Neuro Linguistic  Programming) is a specialist technique which refers to the way we gather information externally using our five main senses. It is the study of:

  • Neuro - the Latin word for nerve

  • Linguistic - the study of language

  • Programming - the way of controlling something

Another way of explaining it is that it refers to the way our interpretations of the world can control actions, choices and behaviours in our lives. By changing how we make sense of the world can adjust our behaviours and actions in order to break down the mental barriers and make the most out of our lives.


Coaching helps innovators address the following challenges:

  • Fostering a culture that supports creativity and innovation
  • Collaborating, partnering and co-creating

  • Stimulating innovative and solution-focused thinking
  • Navigating complexity and ambiguity
  • Effective decision-making
  • Mobilising teams and implementing innovation
  • Focus and energy
  • Improved performance

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a co-creative process that helps you move forward on your personal and professional goals through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue with a confidential and unbiased strategic thinking partner. Coaching is solution-focused, goal orientated and designed to help you through each process of change.

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