Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives
Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives

Meet Elaine

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Elaine Davis began her career studying fashion textiles design at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Upon graduating Elaine set up her business as a freelance textiles designer specialising in design and printed textiles. She also expanded her skillset in the design and decorating of interiors. The invaluable experiences gained from working within the industry globally, has accredited to over twenty eight years’ education and training others to develop their gifts and talents. She holds a certificate in education (PGCE) qualification and has been teaching and facilitating various group sizes and utilises hers skills as a keynote speaker.


A former faculty director of a further education college and designer, she has extensive experience in people management, design for interiors, curriculum development, project management and teaching and learning. As a qualified fashion textiles designer, NLP master practitioner and executive life coach and holds a master’s degree in industrial design studies from Central St Martins College of Art & Deesign. She specialises in developing people, empowering vision and transforming lives.


Elaine uses her design and style skills to focus on the inner self and self-beliefs in order to capture the essence of the external being. This includes areas such as their skills, emotions, behaviours and communication style. She also supports individuals; engage in building positive relationships to gain more effective results. She believes in maximising individual potential through challenging mind-sets, and identifying what is important to achieve the outcomes. She begins by learning what inspires individuals and what they want to achieve in all areas of life and personal development. Elaine has combined hers design skills and  her NLP coaching experiences to create the Design & Style Coaching School, incorporating creativity and innovation with personal and development skills and design.


Elaine is also the founder of Women In Action (WIA), a voluntary community group, who support women and families in health and wellbeing within the community. WIA supports both men and women in health matters, provides interview skills, coaching, employability skills and C.V. development. “We help women and families in order to empower communities and transform lives to build a better future for them and their families.” Elaine is the author of the book “Be Your Own Boss" and she supports entrepreneurs in developing their business opportunities. Elaine speaks and covers topics to empower you, unearth your potential, build your confidence and self-esteem and motivates you to make a change in your life. If you are interesting in working with Elaine as your coach, leave her a message and she will contact you.

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