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Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives

Foundation In Drawing

Learning to draw can be fulfilling, frustrating, challenging, rewarding and relaxing. This drawing course is for complete beginners. You will be introduced to a range of skills and techniques to support you in developing and honing your drawing skills and personal imagery. Explore a variety of drawing media and creative techniques to develop a fluid and dynamic approach. This will enable you to feel more confident with drawing and exploration.

From the use of colour to developing sketchbooks work, you will be able to develop your skills and explore different ways of using materials and tools. Whether you are already on a design course and need support with developing your skills, discover drawing as a pleasurable and inventive activity or struggling with drawing.

Who is the course for?

This course is for beginners or  anyone who is interested in developing their drawing skills.  There are no age restrictions for joining this course programme other than the minimum age 16 years old..


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Course Fee

Course fees can be paid in full or by instalments, If you would like to use the instalments method, please contact us directly and we will make the appropriate arrangements for you.

Foundation In Drawing



Once you have submitted the registration questionnaire and your proof of ID,  we  will arrange an introductory Skype call with you. This will be followed by you receiving your first module and workbook

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