Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives
Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives

Design & Style Coaching Course


Diploma in Design & Style Coaching Consultancy

Open your own world class modern day business under umbrella of Design & Style Coaching Consultancy. At Davis-Brown Education we will share the wisdom of over 28 years in this exciting and worthwhile industry as a global consultant in Design & Style, Etiquette, NLP Coaching and Leadership. We will teach you all of the components of operating your own successful consultancy/coaching business.


This Master Business Blueprint program is ideally suited if you would like to operate your own Design & Style coaching consultancy. With this train the trainer program, you will have the knowledge to open as a design & style, etiquette, communication and leadership coach and consultant using the Design & Style School Master Business Blueprint. This course programme is based on continuous assessments methods for each module. The final module will require you to produce a portfolio of evidence including your journal, case studies and completed work sheets.

Module 1

Introduction to Design & Style

An Induction of what is involve in the Design & Style Coaching programme. You will explore the practises ad principles of developing a self image and managing yourself in to world. Through ethnography you will gain an understanding of research and investigation as a means to working with and understanding your client's individual needs. Thia will include exploring historiacl influences within the concept design and style.




Module 2

Design & Style Methodologies

Examine the concept of design methodologies and the principles of design and style. Learn the elements of design, to achieve visual unity and emotion. When all elements are in agreement a design is considered unified. No individual part is viewed as more important than the whole design. You will gain an understanding of the balance between unity, value, variety and integrity in order to avoid a chaotic or a lifeless design.




Module 3

Communication Skills

Develop positive relationships that enable you to interact and correspond between you and your client. Explore different forms of communication and why they are important. Discover how to support your client to express themselves visually and orally in order to overcome barriers to communication. You will learn how to engage with your client to help build confidence and self esteem.




Module 4


 The service of styling is not only about what suits you the best, but also it is also about how it makes you feel.  In order for you to get a thorough idea of your client, you need to get to adopt a personable approach to the concept of design and style coaching. This module will look at building self-concepts and how we see ourselves. You will begin to explore design and patterns, shape and form and their influences in the way we see our environment. It is also time to explore the concept of branding, whats in your wardrobe or interior room and exploring the impact of colour. Develop your unique design and style branding methods with a few step by step techniques.




Module 5



Discover colour psychology and how colour affects your mood, and what a colour can communicate to those around you. learn how to create the atmosphere  and presence through colour . Gain an understanding of the principles of colour matching and colour analysis specially in relation to tonal and seasonal color theories.

#investigate the impact of colour in the creation of mood, esthetics and building confidence.



Modle 6

Personal Shopping


This module will enable you to explore the importance of building a more affective relationship with your client. You will investigate the importance of understanding the client’s needs, how to work within a budget and understand the importance of research in personal styling.The art of personal shopping is to capture essence of the client’s need and the purpose of the shopping experience.

Learn all the skills of a personal shopper so that you can feel confident in empowering your client and guide them with clear directions. Gain an understanding of the purpose and motivation of the journey and learn some clear coaching techniques to enhance the experience and achieve the right goals for the client.

You will learn the importance of developing SMART targets and financial planning strategies in order to capitalise on the whole shopping experience.



Module 7

The Art of Leadership

Effective and inspirational leaders have the ability to create a vision and transfer it to those around them. They encourage hope, positivity, ambition and compassion. While all good managers are not leaders, all successful leaders certainly know how to manage people. Great leaders show integrity, enthusiasm, confidence and wisdom. They understand the needs and characteristics of their people. They appreciate hard work and they reward it.  In this module you will learn some fundimental skills in the ability to have courage to make change, use creativity to solve problems and connect effectively with others hich are the emblems of the great leader


Module 8

The Design & Styles Coaching Practise

This programme has been designed to provide you with effective tools to encourage and instil new learning principles, increasing motivation and morale and ultimately enhancing individual performance. The aim is to assist you in developing a coaching style which meets individual needs; review barriers and how to overcome them. You will explore different coaching style and learn the methods of giving effective feedback in a way that encourages positive change. This programme also demonstrates how to plan and deliver constructive coaching sessions and how it can be applied efficiently regardless of different environments and clients. This is a time to discover what really motivates and drives your clients and how to keep them on track towards their desired goals. Learn skills to support your client from returning to old habits and promote the behaviour change.



Module 9

Design & Style Business

Creativity and innovation  needs to be unlocked by changing the way we see and interact with our everyday lives and business. When we engage creatively and let go of our preconceptions, fears, and self-limiting beliefs, we begin to work better and make better decisions and choices. Our Design & style business model is a practical approach to support you in achieving your goals in building a successful business. Our method is about building solutions that works for you. Building a successful business demands lots of qualities in an entrepreneur. Examples are the skill to see and recognise where improvements can be made, and knowing when help is needed to look after certain aspects of a business. This module sets out to looks at the principles of developing a business.  You will explore the importance of being able to develop ideas and opportunities for success. You will gain an understanding of the considerations needed when starting up and building your business. You will examine what traits are needed to be a successful entrepreneur and explore the marketing and financial models in order to maximise your growth potential




Module 10

This is the final stage of your design and style coaching consultancy programme and in order to complete this final process there is one more step. To complete this final stage of your portfolio involves acquiring a client for a case study. This will give you the opportunity to put all that you have learnt into practice. Throughout this process you will be able to build a portfolio presentation with supported materials on how you worked with your client utilizing the Design & Style Coaching methodologies. Your portfolio of evidence will be used as the final stage of your course programme. You will be assigned a tutor to support you throughout this last stage. On completion of this module, all your work will be assessed and graded. There will also be an opportunity within the first six months of your final completion date to resubmit if you have not met the requirements of a pass grade for the programme.

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