Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives
Developing People, Empowering Vision & Transforming Lives

Become A Design & Style Career Coach

Distance Learning, On-line Home Study Course



A unique course that offers training in the core skills of design principles, career development and NLP coaching strategies. The various stages of innovative career coaching are covered on the course – from contracting with clients through to decision making advancing in, the field of design & style career planning and career management. Practitioners learn to help clients to explore short- and long-term career options and to design practical strategies for shaping and pursuing career goals of starting their own business. The programme has been designed in a unitised framework in order to give you the time and flexibility to complete your work around the structure of your lifestyle. This is a practical based programme, designed and structured in order for you to build a professional portfolio of work for your potential clients.



Module 1

Introduction to Career Coaching

The role of a career coach
- Pathways to becoming a career coach
- What do we mean by the term career
- Who uses a career coach – your clients
- The growing demand for career coaches
- How career coaching has evolved
- The importance of getting clients to take action  - coaching skills
- Benefits of being a career coach
- Self-Directed Study Assignment




Module 2

Understanding your Client’s Needs

- New entrants to the job market: school and college leavers
- Career changers who are dissatisfied with their current role or occupation
- Job seekers who are unemployed as a result of redundancy
- Women returners
- Individuals wanting to consider a self-employed career
- Entrepreneurs looking to start their own business
- The definition of outplacement support or training programmes for their employees
- Government or not-for-profit agencies assisting disadvantaged groups (such as the long-term youth unemployed, the homeless or people with developmental disabilities) in entering the workforce




Module 3

: Establishing the Coach/Client Relationship

- Initial consultation meeting
- Using open-ended questions
- Listening and responding
- Confidence building
- Managing expectations
- Providing advice and encouragement
- Knowing the Key ingredients to a successful job search
- Creating an action plan

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 4

Exploring opportunities

- What are skills?
- Why are they important?
- Strengths and Transferable skills
- Understanding what you are good at and what you have to offer
- What do you enjoy doing?
- Reviewing your achievements
- Evidencing your achievements
- Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses

The importance of grooming for men and women



Module 5

Career Exploration Clarifying career direction: evaluating options
- Using assessment tools
- Career planning exercises
- Choosing a similar career
- Changing direction
- Retraining
- Employer’s perspective
- Self-employment
- Gap analysis and ways of bridging the gap
- Making a decision and defining a course of action

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 6

Producing Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The role of the CVs

- What to include in the CV (checklist)
- Different types of CV
- Style and presentation
- Multiple CVs: tailoring the CV to specific roles

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 7

Helping Clients Conduct a Targeted Job Search

- Understanding how the job market works
- The open market
- The hidden market
- Telephone techniques and perfecting your ‘elevator pitch’
- Maximising references/referees

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 8

Applications and Letters

- The Art of letter writing
- Different types of letters
- Application forms
- Checklist for filling in application forms
- Investing time and effort
- The importance of record keeping



Module 9

Preparing For Interviews

- Understanding selection interviews
- Types of interviews
- Assessment centers
- Presentations
- Answering interview questions
- Asking questions at interviews
- Impression management
- Staying calm and relaxed
- Improving a client's body language
- Do’s and don’ts of interviews

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 10

Maintaining the right frame of mind
- Getting organised
- Systematic approach to planning
- Time management

Coaching Techniques
- Building up a database
- Learning and recovering from setbacks
- Assessing offers & keeping focused
- Assessing progress & celebrating successes
- Essential questions the client needs to ask
- Tempering enthusiasm with caution and objectivity
- Reviewing the offer letter
- Negotiating the salary and benefits package
- Confirming acceptance of the offer and other follow-up actions
- Transitioning into the new role successfully

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 11

Setting Up Your Career Coaching Practice &: Promoting Your Services

- Choosing a legal structure for your business
- Choosing a name and location
- Initial resources required
- Creating a business plan
- Setting a fee structure
- Working to an ethical code of conduct

- Working with a mentor
- Continuous professional development

- Analysing the market
- Producing a marketing strategy and plan
- Networking
- Building relationships
- Referrals from existing clients
- Advertising
- Your website
- Newsletters and e-books
- Managing your personal brand and online profile
- Seminars, workshops and events
- Selling techniques
- Free initial consultation

- Useful resources

- Self-Directed Study Assignment



Module 12

Nealy Finished

This is the final stage of your design and style career coaching programme. In order to complete this final process there is one more step. To complete this final stage of your portfolio involves acquiring a client for a case study. This will give you the opportunity to put all that you have learnt into practice. Throughout this process you will be able to build a portfolio presentation with supported materials on how you worked with your client utilizing the Design & Style Career Coaching methodologies. Your portfolio of evidence will be used as the final stage of your course programme. You will be assigned a tutor to support you throughout this last stage. On completion of this programme, all your work will be assessed and graded.



Next Step

Course Fee

Course fees can be paid in full or by instalments, If you would like to use the instalments method, please contact us directly and we will make the appropriate arrangements for you.


Design & Style Career Coaching Course


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